Biodetic Foot Cream

A highly emollient hypoallergenic cream and successfully proven agent designed specifically for dry and cracked skin. One or two applications daily, rubbed in well, will help you obtain smooth healthy looking feet and skin.
(Unscented) (Lanolin Free) (Alcohol free)

Biodetic Foot Cream
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Why does Biodetic work so well?  It has 3 Modes of Action:

  1.  It acts as a lubricant
  2.  Biodetic attracts and locks the high amount of de-ionized water within Biodetic and helps deliver it to the skin. This means unlike some other foot creams you don’t have to wet your feet before applying Biodetic.
  3.  Biodetic components combine to act as a barrier to moisture loss by preventing evaporation.
Whether for health or esthetics, Biodetic Foot Cream used daily is the best agent for success. Though designed for the feet, Biodetic can also be used for hands, elbows or anywhere you have dry skin.

Biodetic is formulated as a unique mixture of waxes, oils and specifically distilled water and glycerin.

Biodetic doesn't contain any petrolatum (or any petroleum bases), preservatives, urea, perfumes, alcohol, nor lanolin (wool fat), paraffin or natural waxes (i.e. no beeswax). The absence of these materials greatly reduces the risk of skin reactions.

*FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY (always spot test when using any new product on your skin).