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Yes, particularly the hands and flexural surfaces such as knuckles, elbows and knees. However, individual reports suggest that when used on the face, a reaction is more likely to occur in sensitized people, AND because of Biodetic’s high occlusive property, it may encourage acne.
No. Anyone suffering from xeroderma[Gk, dry skin] may benefit. Biodetic Foot Care cream may be specifically targeted for diabetic clients as they are at a higher risk for xeroderma and its complications. Another specific group would be the elderly and anyone living through winter or arid conditions, where environmental conditions result in humidity levels below 40%. In addition, individuals taking some medications, such as cholesterol lowering drugs and some blood pressure medications (both used extensively by diabetics), can lead to more dryness.
Cracks in the skin lead to itching; scratching leads to further damage and which may lead to infection. This is particularly dangerous for diabetics due to their compromised peripheral circulation. It has been estimated that 80% of hospital admissions involving diabetics are related to lower limb infections, and 75% of those admissions result in lower limb amputations. [IDF 20th World Diabetes Congress, Montreal 2009]
Repeated applications of a bland moisturizer without fragrances, preservatives or dyes. And, that applications be applied when there is water on the skin. Biodetic Foot Care cream is such a moisturizer. It contains no lanolin to increase sensitivity. In addition, the cream has a high water content, whereby, “water on the skin” is not necessary and thus more user friendly. Leaving water on the skin can be recommended but only to the extent of what would remain after patting[not rubbing] with a towel. Biodetic’s formulation is bacteriostatic and fungistatic, and so, preservatives are not added.*1
Apply once or twice daily and rub in well. Typically, 3 to 4 grams[one-half tsp] will cover the area of a normal sized heel. It is highly recommended in cases of severe dryness and cracking that the cream is applied twice a day for optimum results. And again, leaving water on the skin can be recommended but only to the extent of what would remain after patting with a towel. Biodetic Foot Care cream has a very enriched composition and thus a once daily application aids in compliance. In the situation where an individual wishes to apply the cream to their feet followed by their support stockings, it is recommended that a few minutes be allowed to pass allowing the cream to be absorbed into the skin
There are no petroleum-based ingredients, and though good for your skin, they are messy and not so good for fabrics used to make compression stockings. The product has been tested for compatibility with Sigvaris support hoses and to date, no deleterious effects have been seen. Repeated contact between the stocking and cream will require more frequent washing in warm water.
It is imperative that the user understands that like all cosmetic creams, it is not to be applied on open sores or skin cracks that are exhibiting bleeding or any other type of discharge[exudates]. Use during pregnancy is considered safe, but the user should refer to their physician. *2 Biodetic does not work as a keratolytic as it has no alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid.
*1 Depending on marketing pressures, a natural preservative may be introduced at a later time.
*2 There is controversial data on the ability of Ricinus Communis to induce labour. Studies relate only to oral ingestion not external application.

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